Mini Anapana Meditation

What is Mini Anapana Meditation?

The first three and a half days of a 10 day residential Vipassana course are spent practicing Anapana meditation, which is the observation of one’s breath.

Mini Anapana Meditation is a short introduction to this technique and is presented using recorded instructions given by Mr. S. N. Goenka.

The first Mini Anapana Meditation held in Japan was presented as a trial in 2016. Participants joined with diverse interests but many had limited time available to attend a full ten day Vipassana residential course while others wished to prepare for a course. Attendees shared a common interest to further their understanding of meditation through an opportunity to practice.

The program for Mini Anapana Meditation in 2017 is as follows. 

Date: 17 February 2018 (Sat.)

Venue: IKE・Biz Toshima Sangyou Shinkou Plaza (formerly the Toshima Roudou Fukushi Kaikan)

Capacity: Max. 36 people 


  9:50 Doors open and registration begins

10:20 Orientation

    Greeting from the AT

10:30 Introduction to the meditation center

10:40 Mini Anapana 

11:15 End

Due to the limited capacity of the venue,  please complete the following application form and email to

Subject: Application for Mini Anapana Meditation

I wish to attend the Mini Anapana Meditation




Have you completed a 10-day course with S.N.Goenka or any of his assistant teachers?

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Mini Anapana Meditation, JVA Dhammadicca Communications Committee


Mini Anapana Meditation (2018)

*2018 07/22(Sun) location to be arranged [not open]