Mini Anapana Meditation Session

What is a “Mini Anapana Meditation Session”?

At the ten day residential meditation courses run by the Japan Vipassana Association, the first three and a half days are spent practicing Anapana, a meditation technique which involves observing one’s breath.

A Mini Anapana session is an even shorter summary of this technique which is presented using an audio recording of meditation instructions given by Mr. S. N. Goenka.

In 2016 a trial version of a Mini Anapana session was held. The people who attended were motivated by diverse reasons, from not having the time to attend a ten day residential course to wanting to prepare for taking part in such a course, and they furthered their understanding of meditation through the opportunity to try it out in actual practice.

An official Mini Anapana session will be held in July 2017 as follows. 

Date: 23 July 2017 (Sun.)

Venue: IKE・Biz Toshima Sangyou Shinkou Plaza (formerly the Toshima Roudou Fukushi Kaikan)

Capacity: 36 people (Once this number is reached, no more applications can be accepted.) 


12:50   Doors open and registration begins

13:45   Orientation

14:00   Introduction to the meditation center and Q&A

14:30   Mini Anapana instruction 

15:10   End

Due to the limited capacity of the venue, if you would like to attend please fill in the following application form and email it to

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Title: Applying to Mini Anapana session

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~~~~~~Mini Anapana Session Application Form~~~~~~

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